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Please note: most users (those with high-speed Internet connections) should use Webmail Tuxedo for their Webmail needs. Please see documentation for Tuxedo here. If Tuxedo does not work well for you, we do have Webmail Lite available as well.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Webmail Lite check for new messages on its own?
A: Webmail Lite does not automatically check for new messages by default. To change this setting, go to Options > Folder Preferences and look for "Auto Refresh Folder List:". You can set it to various time intervals. You can also manually check for new messages but clicking the "Inbox" button or "Reload" under the FRII logo.

Q: Why does Webmail Lite have logos for a company called MagicMail?
A: Updating the graphics of Webmail Lite is trickier than it seems, and we didn't want to delay the entire update over a few logos. MagicMail is our vendor for the new email software, so their logo is the default.
Note: Do not contact MagicMail with support requests, continue to contact FRII Support with any and all questions. See FRII Customer Support Home for our contact information.

Q: What about my Address Book
A: Webmail Address Books have been migrated over from the old Webmail system and should be accessible by clicking the "Addresses" button in Webmail Lite.

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