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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Tuxedo check for new messages on its own?
A: Tuxedo does check for new messages every minute. To decrease the frequency, go to Settings > Mailbox View and look for "Check for new messages on". You can set it to every 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes. You can also manually check for new messages but clicking the "Check Mail" button.

Q: What about my Address Book
A: Webmail Address Books have been migrated over from the old Webmail system and should be accessible by clicking the "Address Book" button in Tuxedo.

How do I use Tuxedo Webmail?

1. Log on to Webmail at http://mail.frii.com/ with your username (email address) and associated password.

2. Choose Tuxedo from the drop-down menu.


3. Then Sign in.

4. Below is an example of the main screen of Tuxedo:


To read a message you can either click on the message once (preview) or open the message by double-clicking it. Once the message is opened or selected, you can click "Delete" to move the message to the "Trash" folder. To remove the message permanently, you can open the Trash folder, select the message, and then "Delete" once again. If you accidentally delete a message from the Inbox, you can click and drag the message in the "Trash" back to the Inbox.


To move a message to the quarantine, you can simply click on the message and then drag it to the Spam folder. This is the equivalent of marking the message as spam.

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