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In this article you will find the needed info to connect up to the internet, and understand the connection that you have.


  • Router: This is the device that will allow multiple local devices [computer, cell phone, tablets, etc.] to connect to the internet. It also provides wireless and wired connectivity.
  • Modem: This is a device that modulates and demodulates a signal. Think of it as a translator. It translates one type of signal into another. One that a computer or router can understand.
  • Ethernet cable: This is your standard computer networking cable. It looks like an overgrown phone cord with 8 pins/wires.
  • Ethernet keystone: This is the wall port. It is the female end that sits in a wall plate.
  • WAN: This stands for Wide Area Network. This is the port on a router that would connect to the ethernet keystone.

Internet info

  • The internet that comes into your apartment is part of a shared connection. Thus there will be some speed variability in your connection.
  • The internet connection that is provided doesn't require the use of a modem. All you will need is a router, or a computer with an ethernet port.
    • You can directly plug a computer into the keystone [wall port] and receive internet with out a router. Note that this is very useful in troubleshooting. More on this below.

How to connect up to the internet in your apartment

The following steps will be for a basic setup with a router. Move involved options will require different steps.

  • 1: Unbox your router.
  • 2: Find the ethernet keystone.
    • A: You will notice that there are multiple ethernet ports around your apartment. Due to the configuration please be advised that you can connect only one device up to any keystone in the apartment. This means that you will have multiple options to locate your router to best fit your needs.
  • 3: Connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet keystone and plug the other end into the WAN port on the router.
    • A: At this point most modern routers come pre-setup. You may be able to access the internet, wireless networks etc.
  • 4: Configure your router per the instructions that came with it.

Basic Troubleshooting

Over time there may be some issues that crop up. The following are tips to help in diagnosing the issue.

  • Start with the basics. If you are having issues with no connection to wireless devices, no internet, etc. start by power cycling all devices.
    • Pull the power out of the devices for 30 sec. then power them back up. This includes computers/phones/tablets and routers.
    • Make sure that the ethernet cable from the keystone in the wall to the router is seated properly. When you plug a cable into either port you should hear a click as the cable seats.
  • Power cycling the equipment did nothing.
    • If you have a computer with an ethernet port on it, you will be able to test to see if your router or other equipment is having issues.
    • Plug the ethernet cable that runs from the ethernet keystone into the router into your computer. You will do this by taking the router side of the ethernet cable out of the router and plugging it into your computer. You should be able to connect to the internet via the ethernet cable [not wireless]. If you can access the internet, then there is an issue with your router/internal network.


Piracy is the illegal downloading and distribution of copyrighted works. The Patina Flats and FRII take piracy seriously. Any notifications of piracy will be forwarded to the front office and the user/apt. that was downloading/sharing the material. If you have any questions on this please contact the leasing office.

Contact info

  • Front Range Internet Inc. [FRII] support: 970-212-0700 option 1.
  • Patina Flats leasing office: (970) 672-1013.
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