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This article details setting up the Qwest Motorola 3347 Router


Modem Configuration

  1. After the computer is connected to the modem, open a web-browser and go to the address This should take you to this page:


  2. Select 'Quick Setup' from the list of options on the left-hand side of the screen. You should see the following page:


  3. This portion of the setup can be done exactly like a normal PPP setup:
    • Select the radio button 'PPP over ATM VC muxed'
    • Enter the PPP username which should be the full email address. The password field can be filled in with whatever you please as long as something is entered. After this is done ensure that 'My ISP does not require a username and password' is NOT checked.
    • Next, fill in the IP info


  4. Here "Block of Static IP Addresses" will need to be checked. The gateway address can be any of the usable IPs in the the IP block but for consistency's sake it's best to use the lowest usable IP.
    • Example: A 4 IP subnet denoted by contains the IPs 160.128, 160.129, 160.130, and 160.131. The 160.128 IP is reserved as the network IP and 160.131 is reserved as the broadcast IP leaving 160.129 and 160.130 as the usable IPs. Following the convention of making the gateway the lowest usable IP then, would be used as the gateway.
  5. Next, the subnet mask will need to be updated. This value tells the modem how big the subnet is. This value will always be 255.255.255.x where x is equal to the following values for the following subnet sizes:
    • 4 IP subnet = 252
    • 8 IP subnet = 248
    • 16 IP subnet = 240
    • 32 IP subnet = 224
    • 64 IP subnet = 192
    • 128 IP subnet = 128
    • 256 IP subnet = 0
      • Example: A 32 IP subnet would have a subnet mask of and would contain 29 usable IPs (after one has been allocated as the gateway).
  6. Finally, ensure that "VIP" is checked and that "Dynamic DNS Addresses" has been selected. With this done, click "Save Changes" and the modem should be online as soon as it is done rebooting.
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