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This article details setting up the Qwest Motorola 3347 modem


Modem Configuration

  1. After the computer is connected to the modem, open a web-browser and go to the address This should take you to this page:


  2. Select 'Quick Setup' from the list of options on the left-hand side of the screen. You should then see the following page:


    • Select the radio button 'PPP over ATM VC muxed'
    • Enter the PPP username which should be the full email address. The password field can be filled in with whatever you please as long as something is entered. After this is done ensure that 'My ISP does not require a username and password is NOT checked.
    • Select "Dynamic IP - DHCP (Default)" If you have a static IP with FRII, you have the option to enter it here (this is OPTIONAL. Select "Single Static IP Address" and type in your static IP.)
    • For single-static IP customers the IP type should be set to 'Single Static IP Address.'

Hit 'Save and Restart Connection.' It will then ask "Do you want to restart the router now?" Click "Yes". After the previous page reappears, you should be connected.

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