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Captured Mail Folder

The Captured Mail Folder is a separate holding area which contains messages which MailArmory has determined are most likely spam. If you are concerned about possibly missing email or just curious as to what has been filtered, you can access this by logging into the MailArmory web site. The interface shows details on each message, including the spam level it scored, sender, date, and subject.

How to Release Messages Caught by MailArmory

  • If a message is legitimate, check the box to the left of the spam level. From the drop-down menu select "Release All Marked Messages" and then click the "Process" button. This will simply deliver the message to you regular inbox. You can select multiple messages at once.
  • If the message is legitimate AND all mail from that particular sender should be accepted in the future, select the message with the checkbox on the left and choose "Always Accept Marked Messages" from the drop-down. When you click the "Process" button the message will be re-directed to your regular inbox and will also add that email address to your MailArmory Accept List. You can select multiple messages at once.
  • Lastly, you can choose to "delete" the message, which will remove it from the Capture Mail Folder to the Trash Folder. If you do nothing with your Captured Mail, messages will automatically be deleted based on the settings you have defined.

Trash Folder

The Trash folder is a secondary Captured Mail container that holds processed messages for 2 days before being auto-deleted.

  • You can manually delete messages from the Trash folder if you wish to have the message completely removed.
  • The Trash folder can be accessed by clicking on the Trash tab at the top of the Captured Mail interface.

Auto-Trash Function

As part of the user configuration any captured message above a certain threshold can be automatically moved to the Trash folder instead of being stored in the Captured Mailbox first. This function allows users to more easily review their Captured Mailboxes without the clutter of obvious spam messages.

  • If any level of Auto-Trash is enabled all captured viruses will be automatically placed in the Trash folder

Searching for Messages

You can also search for messages, just click the Search tab once you are logged in.

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