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Accessing Inbound Settings

  1. Log in to the Domain Administrator Dashboard at in your web browser.
  2. Click Manage > Domains and select your domain.

Domain Settings Options

Adjust settings based on your needs.

Digest Options

  • Controls the frequency and format of message quarantine digests sent to your domain's users.
  • Users have the ability to over-ride the domain level settings in their personal dashboard.

Personal Dashboard Options

  • Recommended: Add a check mark for View Outbound Quarantine and click Update Section.

Filtering Options

  • Controls filtering for inbound messages to your domain email users.
  • Add foreign language filtering using the Add Foreign Language box and clicking the green plus button.
  • Add attachment extensions using the Add Attachment box and clicking the green plus button.

Mailbox Discovery

  • Controls how mailboxes for your domain are discovered within MailArmory.
  • If manual is selected, the MailArmory domain administrator will need to manually add and remove mailboxes.
  • If your mail server is configured to accept SMTP VRFY or SMTP RCPT TO, you can utilize those options to auto-discover new mailboxes.

Filter By Sender

  • Controls whitelist and blacklist entries at the domain level.
  • Add an individual email address to the white or black list or add email domains.
    • LightBulb.png Domain whitelist or blacklist entries should be added in the form domain.tld; for example,


  • Controls how users sign in to MailArmory to view their quarantined mail.
  • If internal is specified, user login passwords will be managed within MailArmory.
  • Recommended: If SMTP AUTH to server is specified, user logins will authenticate via SMTP to your mail server.

Unrecognized Recipient Handling

  • Controls how mail sent to unrecognized email recipient addresses is handled.

Alias Handling

  • Controls how mail sent to mailbox aliases is handled.

Mail Gateways

  • Controls where mail to your domain is delivered; final destination server being your mail server either by IP address or hostname.
  • You can also test connectivity with an inbound test message to ensure your mail server is accepting SMTP connections from MailArmory.

Routing and Session Management

  • Controls how mail is spooled or blocked by message size.
  • Recommended: Spool messages for up to 96 hours.
  • Recommended: Enable global anti-spoof protection.
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