How Does Skybeam Wireless Work?

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How Does it Work?

The connection is provided via a wireless link between an antenna installed at your location and hardware installed at a Skybeam tower no more than a few miles from you. This tower delivers internet traffic to and from your radio antenna. A standard CAT 5e cable is run from the antenna into the interior of your building and can then be connected to a single computer or a router if you have multiple computers.

What Technology is Used?

SkyBeam utilizes Motorola Canopy wireless hardware for both the tower Access Points (APs) and the antenna (also refered to as Suscriber Modules). Motorola Canopy operates in the 900 MHz, 2.4, and 5 GHz bands and provides a stronger and more reliable connection than other wireless equipment.

How is a Typical SkyBeam Connection Set Up?

SkyBeam installs a small radio antenna, usually on a short metal arm, that's easy to position at your location that has good line-of-sight to the tower. Ethernet cable that carries both data and electrical power is run from the antenna to a small junction box located somewhere inconspicuous on the exterior of the building. This box acts as both a surge suppressor as well as an electrical ground for the system. From there, the cable is run inside your building and terminated as a standard Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector. This end of the cable is plugged into a small Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter that provides the electrical power for the antenna and allows you to plug the connection into your computer or router.

By default, the antenna is assigned an IP address by SkyBeam via DHCP but you can get a static IP by request and for an additional monthly charge.

Here is a picture of the equipment you will find in your home. Per the labels, one side of the PoE will plug into your computer or router via the Ethernet cable, one side will lead to the antenna outside via another Ethernet cable. The power supply should have a green light on it to indicate that it has electrical power.


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