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Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers related to Webmail.

About FRII Webmail

Can I Access my Email Using Both Webmail and an Email Client?

Yes, but we recommend that you configure your email client to use IMAP for the best compatibility. If your mail client is set to POP, you will not be able to access your spam folder or messages that have already been downloaded to your computer. If you need assistance changing your email program to IMAP please contact support.

Does the new Webmail Include Spam Filtering?

Yes! Spam filtering will be handled by the same server and configured through Webmail. See Webmail Spam Filtering Settings for more information.

How do I Add a Signature in Webmail?

  • Tuxedo
    • Settings -> Identities -> Select Identity under the FRII logo and display name -> Edit/create signature -> Save
  • Webmail Lite
    • Options -> Personal Information -> Fill out fields under "Name and Address Options" -> Submit

How Do I Delete my Spam and Trash?

Items in your Spam and Trash folders auto-delete 15 days after they are received in the Spam folder or moved into the Trash folder by clicking the Delete button in webmail.

What is the Attachment Size Limit in Webmail?

The total message size limit is 20MB (Megabytes). However, due to the manner in which email protocols encode file attachments, nominally you'll only be able to attach approximately 12MB worth of file attachments to an email message.

What is the new Webmail Software?

There are two new Webmail clients, both provided to FRII via MagicMail:

What is the Outbound Email Limit?

Our email system restricts the number of messages that are sent in a 5-minute interval to 150 messages to prevent spam from harming the reputation of our mail server. This is one method implemented to ensure our mail servers do not get blacklisted by other providers.

LightBulb.pngThis includes messages that are addressed to 150 or more recipients.

If you attempt to send more than this limit, you may be temporarily prevented from sending mail again. You may either wait until noon or midnight for the block to be removed automatically, or you may contact support.

Compatibility Questions

Does the new Webmail Work for Customers on Dialup Internet?

Webmail Lite is designed for lower bandwidth users as well as users with older computers. We strongly encourage using it over Tuxedo in these circumstances.

Will Webmail Work on my Web Browser?

Webmail Lite and Tuxedo are supported on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Either Webmail client may work in other browsers, but FRII Support will be unable to assist with any issues that may arise. If you are using another browser, we encourage you to try both Webmail clients, as compatibility issues may be present in one and not the other.

Will Webmail Work on Smart Phones?

We do not recommend or support using Webmail on a smart phone. Smart phones are capable of checking email via IMAP directly via their built-in email apps.

Contact Us for More Information

LightBulb.pngIf you do not find the the answers you are looking for or have additional questions, please contact support

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