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  1. After the M-1000 is connected to your computer, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, connect to the M-1000 by clicking the address bar and typing "" (without quotes), and then press Enter. You should see this screen:

    M1000 basic1.jpg

  2. Once it has loaded, click on the "Quick Setup" tab. That should bring up this screen:

    M1000 basic2.jpg

  3. Click the "Advanced settings only if required by your ISP." That will expand the screen and it will look like this:

    M1000 basic3.jpg

    • For item 1: Set the type to PPPoA.
    • For item 2: Enter your full FRII username ( and "frii" (without quotes) in the password field.
    • For item 3: Select "Dynamic IP - DHCP" UNLESS you have a static IP with FRII. (If you have a static IP, this would be the place to enter it. Select "Single Static IP Address" and type in your static IP.)
    • For item 4: Set to Dynamic DNS
    • For item 5: ATM encapsulation type should be VC-Mux(default)
  4. After all of the items are set, click "Apply." This will bring up the following screen:

    M1000 basic5.jpg

  5. After the previous page reappears, you should be connected.
  6. By default, the Actiontec will use NAT and DHCP to dynamically share the IP address assigned to the router.
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