Actiontec M1000 (QA02.5): Routed Subnet

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  1. After the M-1000 is connected to your computer, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, connect to the M-1000 by clicking the address bar and typing "" (without quotes), and then press Enter. You should see this screen:

    Main menu.JPG

  2. Once it has loaded, click on the "Advanced Setup" button. That should bring up this screen:

    Advanced setup.JPG

  3. Click the "WAN IP Address". That should bring up this screen:

    Dynamic full.JPG

    • For item 1: Set the type to PPPoA. Also make sure that PPP Autoconnect is checked.
    • For item 2: Enter your full FRII username ( and "frii" (without quotes) in the password field.
    • For item 3: Select "Dynamic IP - DHCP (Default)".
    • For item 4: Set the primary DNS to: and the secondary DNS to:
    • For item 5: ATM encapsulation type should be VC-Mux (Default)
  4. After all of the items are set, click "Apply." This will bring up the following screen:

    Thank you.JPG

  5. After the previous screen has appeared, click on DHCP Settings. Set DHCP server to "Off".


  6. Click Apply to save this change.
  7. Click on Static Routing .

    Static routing.JPG

  8. On this screen, enter the first IP of your subnet in the "Subnet IP" field as well as the appropriate mask for your subnet in the "Subnet Mask" field. Leave "Gateway IP" empty. Click the Add button next to Subnet IP and Subnet Mask. You should then see this screen. Click Apply to save the changes.

    Static routing2.JPG

  9. Click on NAT, set it to OFF to disable it, and hit apply.


  10. Lastly, click on LAN IP Address.


  11. In the Modem IP Address field, enter the IP you wish to use as your local gateway. This is usually the first or last usable IP in your subnet. The usable IP's will include every IP except for the first and last. So in a IP block of 8, the 2nd IP or the 7th IP would generally be chosen as a gateway. In the Modem Subnet Mask field, enter the subnet mask you have been given.
  12. Hit Apply and Reboot to save.
  13. Click OK to reboot your modem.


  14. You will then see this screen.

    Thank you2.JPG

  15. Once your modem has rebooted, you will need to statically assign an IP from your subnet to your local machine using the same subnet mask and gateway address you chose above.
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