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This article describes the steps necessary to configure an Actiontec GT724-R modem. This is not a standard Qwest-certified modem, so the VPI/VCI must be manually configured.

Once the computer is connected to the router, enter the web interface by pointing a web-browser to the IP address of the router's LAN interface ( by default). This is the screen you should see:


Click Advanced Setup. On the Advanced Setup page, click DSL Settings.

In the VCI box, change the number from 35 to 32.

Then click the Apply button to save.


Return to the main menu and then click Quick Setup.

Click Next to proceed with Quick Setup.

Select PPPoA, enter your email address and password associated with your DSL account.


Once you hit "Apply" at the bottom, the modem should try to reconnect with the new settings. If it does not, powercycle the modem.

The full manual for the modem can also be found at

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