Actiontec GT701-WG (QW05): Routed Subnet

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  1. Once the computer is connected to the router, enter the web interface by pointing a web-browser to the IP address of the router's LAN interface ( by default). This is the screen you should see:

    Article1267 1.jpg

  2. Click on the "Quick Setup" link:

    Article1267 2.jpg

  3. The user is not an MSN user:

    Article1267 3.jpg

  4. Select PPPoA, enter the email address and password associated with your DSL account.

    Article1267 4.jpg

  5. Select your IP type as "Dynamic" and "Dynamic DNS Addresses."

    Article1267 5.jpg

  6. Once you hit "Apply" at the bottom, the modem should try to reconnect with the new settings. If it does not, powercycle the modem. Once the modem has reconnected, you will need to configure the routing and DHCP (if you wish to use DHCP), as well as disable NAT. Once the modem has applied the settings above, click on the "Advanced Setup" menu option at the top of the screen. It will take you to a screen that looks like this:

    Article1267 6.jpg

  7. Next, you will want to either disable or reconfigure DHCP, depending on your needs. Scroll down to the "IP Addressing" section of the Advanced page, and click on DHCP Settings. The image below displays the page with DHCP enabled. In order to make changes (aside from turning DHCP off), you must click the "I would like to adjust the DHCP Server settings" checkbox. If you do not use the Actiontec for DHCP, when you turn DHCP off, the configuration options will disappear. Click "Apply" when finished:

    Article1267 7.jpg

  8. With DHCP disabled, click "Advanced" at the top again to return to the Advanced menu. Now scroll to the bottom to find the NAT settings:

    Article1267 8.jpg

  9. Set NAT to "off" and click "Apply"; once the settings are applied, return to the Advanced menu:

    Article1267 9.jpg

  10. Scroll down to the "IP Addressing" section, and the menu just to the left should contain "Static Routing". Click on it:

    Article1267 6.jpg

  11. You should see the following fields on the next page, though all boxes will be blank. Set it up as follows:
    • Subnet IP: Your network IP (not the first useable address, it is the first IP in your subnet and it will almost always end in an even number).
    • Subnet Mask: The appropriate subnet mask for your subnet
    • Gateway IP: Leave this blank. This is because we are informing the Actiontec that it has a public network attached to it.

      Article1267 10.jpg

  12. Click Apply, then return to the Advanced screen. Return to the IP Addressing section and click "LAN IP Address". The following warning will appear (Click Yes):

    Article1267 11.jpg

  13. Now you can enter whatever IP address you want your local gateway to be, so long as it is part of your subnet. This is almost always the first or the last useable IP in your subnet. You must change this to match your subnet information:

    Article1267 12.jpg

  14. Also be aware that, if you disabled DHCP, you will need to alter your IP address settings to be a part of your subnet; the Actiontec, after rebooting, will no longer reply to
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