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This article describes the steps necessary to configure an Actiontec GT701 or GT701-WG modem that has QW05 firmware.

  1. Once the computer is connected to the router, enter the web interface by pointing a web-browser to the IP address of the router's LAN interface ( by default). This is the screen you should see:

    Article1262 1.jpg

  2. Click on the "Quick Setup" link:

    Article1262 2.jpg

  3. The user is not an MSN user:

    Article1262 3.jpg

  4. Select PPPoA, enter your email address and password associated with your DSL account.

    Article1262 4.jpg

  5. Select your IP type as "Dynamic" and select "Dynamic DNS addresses."
    • Single static configurations and dynamic configurations work the same from the customer's point of view because FRII hands them their IP when their modem connects to us. The difference in configuration is only on FRII's side.

      Article1262 5.jpg

  6. Once you hit "Apply" at the bottom, the modem should try to reconnect with the new settings. If it does not, powercycle the modem.
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