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The instructions below are to enable the most basic wireless configuration in the Actiontec GT701-WG.

  1. You will need to access the web interface of the Actiontec by entering into the address bar of your web browser.
  2. Begin the 'Advanced Setup' by clicking 'Setup' at the top followed by 'Advanced Setup' on the left.
  3. Set up the PPP portion normally using your specific login information.



  4. Turn on Wireless by clicking on the 'On' radio button. Although the example below has not been changed, it is recommended that you change the ESSID to something unique. This will prevent problems should someone else close to your location have an actiontec also. Leave the channel set to the default value. WEP is the easiest security setting to configure and provides enough security for most wireless networks.


  5. One WEP key will work for all the computers you wish to have connected to your wireless network. Only numbers and the letters A through F can be used in the WEP key. Be sure to record the key you enter. You will need to enter it into any computer that is connecting wirelessly to the router for the first time.


  6. MAC authentication can provide additional security for your wireless network but requires more administration than many people would like. If enabled, when you want to connect wirelessly with a new computer you will have to revisit the following configuration page and enter the MAC address of the wireless card in the new computer. If you wish to enable this feature please work directly with Actiontec. If you do not wish to enable this feature just continue to the next screen.


  7. Leave the following items set to the defaults.


  8. Continue through the rest of the advanced configuration and finally save and restart.
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