Actiontec GT701-WG: Dynamic or Single Static

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  1. Once the Actiontec is connected to the computer via ethernet, open a web browser and type into the address bar, then click "Go." You should see the Actiontec Web Interface Main Menu. Click on the Setup / Configuration link.


  2. Click the Begin Basic Setup button.


  3. Click Next.


  4. Under "Are you an MSN user?" choose No. Make sure PPPoA is selected. Enter the FRII username and password (the password can be anything but it must not be left blank). Frii DSL usernames are always of the form Enter your username for (username) in the previous example. Click Next.


  5. Click Save and Restart.


  6. You should see the success screen:


  7. By default, the Actiontec will use NAT and DHCP to dynamically share the IP address assigned to the router. If you would like to use more advanced features such as firewalling or port forwarding you are free to do so using the Actiontec's Advanced section of the web interface, but these features are unsupported.
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