Actiontec C1000A: Dynamic Configuration

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Warning.png There is a known bug when using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to configure the DSL modem where it does not retain the saved changes. It is recommended to use Internet Explorer when configuring an Actiontec C1000A DSL Modem.

Actiontec C1000A Configuration

  1. After the C1000A is connected to your computer, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, connect to the C1000A by clicking the address bar and typing "" (without quotes), and then press Enter.
  2. Once it has loaded, click on the "Advanced Setup" button.

    C1000ATop bar.jpg

  3. On the left hand side bar, click on "Broadband Settings."
  4. For item 1: Set the WAN Type to ADSL-ADSL2+. Then hit Apply.

NOTE: If your modem does not have this option, it is usually set by default and you can ignore it and leave Line Mode set to Auto Select. Changing Line Mode to ADSL2+ will cause the modem to lose connection to the ISP.


  1. Now click on WAN Settings underneath IP Addressing on the left hand side bar.
  2. For item 1: Set the ISP Protocol to PPPoA.
  3. For item 2: Enter your full FRII username ( and "frii" (without quotes) in the password field.
  4. Also, make sure that PPP Auto Connect is Enabled.
  5. For items 3 and 4, leave them on the Defaults (Dynamic IP and Dynamic DNS) and then hit Apply.


  6. On the left hand side bar, click on "Broadband Settings."
  7. For item 3: Set the Encapsulation Type to VC-Mux.
  8. For item 4: change the ATM Setting to 0/32. Then hit Apply.

NOTE: If there is no ATM Setting option, but instead a VPI and VCI text field, you will have to enter it manually. For CenturyLink the VPI is 0 and the VCI is 32.


  1. After the previous page reappears, you should be connected.

Wireless Setup

  1. Go back to the main screen immediately after login. Click on the 'Wireless Setup' button.
  2. Here's where you enable/disable Wi-Fi and enter a custom SSID (network name).

    C1000A wireless basic settings.png

  3. On the 'Wireless Security' page, you can set your security type, encryption type (TKIP/AES/both), and your security passphrase.

    C1000A wireless wireless security.png
  4. On the 'Radio Setup' page, you can set a few things that may or may not prove to be useful, primarily the wireless channel and operating mode.

    C1000A wireless radio setup.png

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